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Our services

In our factory in via Manzoni 5, Cernobbio (CO), Italy, we of Apparecchiatura di Cernobbio carry out the finishing of textiles and textile products such as:
  • finishing
  • deactivation
  • teaseling
  • fireproofing
  • stenter finishes
  • calendaring
  • trimming
  • sulfurizing
  • preparation for reactive or acid inkjet printing
  • steaming
  • sight glasses for final quality control

Our highly qualified personnel put its skills and professionalism at your disposal when it offers all the activities connected to textiles that after almost fifty years have made Apparecchiatura di Cernobbio a leading company in the sector.

All the production processes are aimed at creating a finished product of the highest quality and the full satisfaction of the client who relies on Apparecchiatura di Cernobbio with the knowledge that it will receive high level service that responds totally to the needs requested.


Apparecchiatura di Cernobbio, a company with experience and a leader in the finishing textiles, has expanded the services we offer our clients by the creation of an internal Quality Control laboratory.

This need arose by the requirement by our clients that we supply a product that is in line with a “market” that is increasingly severe. Our quality control uses the experience of a textile chemistry expert trained at the Como’s Scuola Setificio Paolo Carcano (Paolo Carcano Silk School) and specialized at the Serico Textile Centre after having participated in the ZDHC training course for chemical managers.

Our quality control uses avant-garde machinery that ensures an effective balance between quality, price, professionalism and timeliness. Our clients can at any time request advice and support in regard to the tests on fabrics carried out in accordance with current regulations.



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