Apparecchiatura di Cernobbio
About us

About Us

Apparecchiatura di Cernobbio began its activities of finishing fabrics in the 1970s and is now present in Como’s textile area as the qualified supplier of a SERI.CO brand.

The company has always been attentive of the interpretation and trends in fashion with a special eye for its clients with whom it has consolidated relations of trust and collaboration so that there can be a continuous reciprocal exchange of information and impressions that give substance to the client’s ideas with the utmost professionalism and effectiveness.

Apparecchiatura di Cernobbio deals with a wide range of processes that go from finishing, decatization and polishing of textiles thus creating a finished product with a high standard of quality.

Our Mission

We offer our clients made to measure solutions by making available professionalism, seriousness, skills and above all flexibility and offering processes with formulas that can be personalized in terms of quantity, times and in the methods requested.

We follow the clients’ creative project by designing the best solution for each by creating, with technologically advanced processes, a high-quality final product that fully responds to the market’s demands.

We are an open and dynamic company that pays particular attention to research and innovation on new methods of finishing products. We use materials and processes that respect the environment with the aim of protecting human health and the surrounding environment.


Apparecchiatura di Cernobbio deals with polishing textiles using specific processes in which the textiles are given particular characteristics that make them aesthetically more pleasing and attractive for the market by improving their look and properties.
In our factory the company uses certified high-quality materials and a vast range of suitable processes to achieve various types of products and new proposals for the polishing of textiles.

The avant-garde machinery allows the creation of dyes for variable quantities and are constantly controlled and subject to careful updating in order to guarantee greater productive flexibility to satisfy the market’s demands by ensuring a product that always responds to the needs requested.



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